BAPS(UK) is the Breastfeeding and Parenting Support Group (UK).  One of the things I liked about them was that they sent out the rules/ethos of the group before you join.  Their rules were good, and even after having breastfed over a 13 year period in my life, navigated most of the pitfalls, etc, they managed to point something out to me that was an eyeopener.

“Breastfeeding is the biological norm, not ‘best'”

Peter Gray’s article, The Danger of Back To School, banned on facebook, encouraged me to update this article I wrote on my website regarding this subject (previously published Aug 16th): SURVIVING SCHOOL: Children, School & Mental/Emotional Health.

SURVIVING SCHOOL: Children, School & Mental/Emotional Health.

Update:  it may be possible to share the article on facebook without the image.   

“THE DANGER OF BACK TO SCHOOL: Children’s Mental Health Crises Plummet in Summer and Rise in the School Year.”

Peter Gray cites some very illustrative, initial data on the impact of school on mental health in children.  It seems that Facebook are blocking his article due to complaints.  However, there doesn’t seem to be anything to complain about and this is suppression of important information.

Please read and share, but if you share the article itself it will be blocked.  Hopefully Facebook doesn’t filter for links to blocked articles within blogs linked to posts.

Homeopathic Ledum as FIRST Aid treatment for Lyme (Borreliosis) Disease.

I’ve set up my homeopathy business properly now.  Here is my first post on my related blog –> 

Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connection..

Today I’m working on setting up a blog ring for HesWorldWide.

It is here:  http://clsc.webring.org/hub/hesworldwide.  Look for the ‘join’ link on the turquoise bar at the bottom of the page.

I’ve also set up files for

  • members’ business links
  • penpal & exchange list.
  • House Swap List
  • communities list
  • camping and events list

My dh is a great storyteller.  He gave our girls a great wealth of story and created a family storytelling tradition which came to be known as “stories from your mouth”.  His really work because they always involve a couple of heros from his favourite childhood books “Bleep & Booster” (Bleep being a robot dog and Booster being a little boy, I think).  He would then ask each of the girls for an ingredient of the story (limited to one each!) … princesses and white rabbits, hedgehogs, gold coins, whatever they came up with.    Then they began to take over:  “No Dad, you got it wrong … Booster bit the princess on the hand when she took his money …” and began to tell them to him.  :-)  I was more reticent.  My stories always turned allegorical and were never just pure fun.  Then I discovered his ‘established characters’ trick and my nerves were gone.  I loosened up and everything from the day came flowing into the story.  I was dragged, kicking and screaming into ‘stories from my mouth’.

Something my youngest daughter really loves is collaborative story writing, where we take turns and I type. It’s a bit like playing ‘consequences’.

There’s a variant we’ve done with a group of children (all ages or at Beaver camp) uses a timer (preferably with a funny tune, set for 30 seconds, or 1 minute). We flip a picture book page open (subject immaterial) and take a turn to tell a ‘story from our mouths’ as it is known indoors.🙂 When the timer ends with its funny tune the person on their left continues where they stopped.  It loosens up the storytelling tongue nicely.  It is a great way to build a storytelling family tradition.

Below is one of our collaborative stories. Miyuki’s elements are always fairly dark and deadly.  She follows her dad in his habit of bumping off all the characters when he’s had enough (this came up in one of his school reports for English when he was 6 or 7, so it might be genetic).  Here, I was multitasking by trying to give her a feel of how you add adjectives and describe things to keep your audience engaged.  I’ve usually got some kind of sub agenda!  lol.

the wonderland tales


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